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The Keystone Battery of Pennsylvania

Battery "A", 1st Regiment Light Artillery (43rd Volunteers)

About the modern day Keystone Battery

The Keystone Battery of Pennsylvania is a group of dedicated civil war reenactors located in Ritzville, Washington.  All personnel of the Keystone Battery are members of the Washington Civil War Association (WCWA).  Our mission is:

Spinning wool in camp Men in camp

By the way, we also fill the role of Burroughs Company of Tennessee Light Artillery, CSA, ("Rhett Artillery") as the occasion arises.

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WCWA's mission statement reads, "The Washington Civil War Association (WCWA) is a nonprofit organization established to honor America's past by reenacting the War Between the States.  Our objective is to interpret and present the daily life of Confederate and Federal soldiers, and their families and associates, for the public through living history, reenactments, first person characterizations and education.  To this end, our member units portray military and civilian organizations from all theaters of the Civil War during the period of 1861 to 1865.

We are committed to honoring our ancestors, both Northern and Southern, who fought and lived during the American Civil War. ' The display of historical flags and symbols at reenactments is an integral part of our mission to accurately recreate the events of the 1860's, and to inform and educate the public about life and attitudes of the time.

Civil War reenactors, in a spirit of fraternal friendship first promulgated by Civil War veterans after the war, pledge their mutual respect to Confederate and Union veterans and their associated battle flags and symbols."