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14th Virginia Cavalry Unveils New Cannon

Attendees of the WCWA's 2013 Eastern Washington School of the Soldier event held April 19-21 at Deep Creek, Washington, were delighted by the latest addition to the 14th Virginia Cavalry unit, a 12 pound mountain howitzer.  

Members of the 14th Virginia Cavalry stand by their new 12 pound mountian howitzer.  Left to right: Captain Bob Davisson, Trooper JR Davisson, Sgt Scroggins, Trooper Colby Pullman, Trooper Bushrod, Cpl Larry Wendt, and Trooper Amber Britton.

The 14th Virginia Cavalry has been an active reenactment unit for 16 years and has a history of progress and innovation.  For example, the unit has a medical surgeon and plans to field a horse-drawn ambulance in the future.  14th Virginia Cavalry has an intensive horse training program and certifies their horses to three levels beyond the generic WCWA cavalry horse certification.  This field artillery piece adds a new dimension to the unit's battlefield capabilities, in keeping with their motto of "Dexterity, Versatility, and Audacity."

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