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Darrell's Foil Cutting Jig

The blank rounds used for firing the cannon are covered with 9" squares of heavy aluminum foil.  Running out of foil squares at an event has been an occasional problem ... tearing the foil or cutting it with scissors is slow and often results in ragged pieces.  Quartermaster Sergeant Darrell Evans has constructed a foil cutting jig that solves this problem.

The jig has a roll holder which accomodates 18" wide rolls of heavy-duty aluminum foil.  The roll holder is fastened to one end of an 18" x 24" fabric cutting board so that the foil can be unrolled on the cutting board.  The corners of the cutting board opposite the end to which the roll holder is fastened are reinforced with corner brackets that make it easy to position the stretched foil in the proper position on the cutting board.  After the foil is unrolled into position, a cutting guide, constructed of masonite with guide slots, is set over the foil.  A rotary cutter is used to cut the foil following the guide slots.

In the left photo above the slot for inserting the roll dowel into the roll holder is shown.  The center photo illustrates the corner brackets which guide the foil into the proper position for cutting.  The right photo shows the cutting guide placed over the foil prior to cutting.

Darrell demonstrated his foil cutting jig at a fundraising event last fall.  In a little over an hour he cut a 750 square-foot roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil into more that 1,400 perfect 9" squares.

Great job Darrell!