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The Language of the Parasol - Compiled by Darna Michie

During the Civil War, flirting had to be done discretely and subtly for a woman to protect her reputation and avoid being seen as a coquette, flirt, or loose woman.  Among the non-verbal cues developed among Victorians was the use of that fairly ubiquitous accessory, the parasol, to signal emotions and intentions during social settings.  The parasol language (as well as that of the fan) was used mostly by the teenage group because they weren't allowed to associate freely with their boy/girl counterparts.

Following is a list of flirtatious parasol gestures and the meanings they were intended to convey.

The Language of the Parasol

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The Language of the Parasol

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The Language of a Parasol

The Language of the Parasol

About Darna Michie

Darna Michie is the wife of 1st Michigan Light Artillery commander Major Gary Michie and is proprietor of East Angel Harbor Hats.